10 Things You’re Probably Not Testing (but should)


30th May 2019



10 Things You’re Probably Not Testing (but should)

In this open discussion webinar, we’ll be joined by the CEO & Founders of Conversion & Distilled.

Both have spoken at conferences around the world but let’s take a look at what happens when their world’s collide as we discuss the latest in split testing for both CRO & SEO.

During this webinar Will and Stephen will cover:

  1. Why experimentation is your unfair advantage – and how you can apply it across your business.
  2. CRO & SEO tests you’re probably not running at the moment.
  3. How to build a successful test and decide what to test, and which ideas to prioritise.
  4. How to build an effective hypothesis.
  5. How to measure your success and make sure tests are significant.
  6. What impact can CRO & SEO changes have on each other.

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