Personalisation: Creating a framework to enable strategic experimentation


5th Oct 2017


Farmers & Fletchers, 3 Cloth St, London EC1A 7LD

Personalisation: Creating a framework to enable strategic experimentation

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Personalisation is emerging as the next big opportunity in the experimentation space and has been high on the to-do list of marketers everywhere over the last two years. Personalisation adds more layers of complexity to running an effective experimentation programme, but with it comes the potential for impressive increases in conversion rates and a much deeper understanding of your users.

In this session, Stephen Pavlovich and Kyle Hearnshaw from will be inviting discussion around 4 key themes:

  1. Introduction: Debunking the myths of personalisation
  2. What does personalisation mean for your business?
  3. Where do conversion optimisation, experimentation and personalisation meet?
  4. Is website personalisation right for your business? How can you tell?
  5. A framework for personalisation strategy

You’ll leave this session with valuable insight into how other businesses and teams are approaching personalisation. You’ll be introduced to a practical framework for managing your own personalisation strategy, and leave with new ideas for how personalisation can drive value for your business.

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