Power of Partnership: Research & Experimentation FTW


21st Apr 2021



Power of Partnership: Research & Experimentation FTW

Experimentation and research are often seen as “frenemies” who reluctantly work together in the product development cycle.

In this talk, Molly and Lukas (Booking.com) will talk about why this is a myth that is blocking our ability to partner together on tough and important problems. They will outline how each of these disciplines has something to offer, how they can work together – and how you can start to create working relationships within your business.

This webinar is hosted by Conversion; the UK’s largest conversion optimisation agency, and Bunnyfoot, one of the UK’s first evidence-driven design consultancies – both part of the Sideshow Group.

Interested in attending?

Our previous webinars have been very popular, and we do have limited space. If you would like to attend, please register ASAP here.