is one of Qubit's first solution partners.
Our teams have a common vision, we share similar
mindsets and want to deliver big ideas for our customers.
Our complementary strengths make us a perfect match.

Why Qubit

Passion for conversion rate optimization are pioneers in CRO. They're been focused purely on testing since 2007.
It takes the right kind of expertise to get the most from the technology and have this covered.

Dedicated workforce -
"Technology savvy team"

We admire the team's values. They pick up technologies fast, are hard-working and strive toward excellence with both clients and partners. Their collaborative working style makes them great partners.

Knowledge across
every single vertical says yes to challenges and pain points across all verticals. The specific knowledge gained from this unique approach enables Qubit to scale our technology as required.

“This is a partnership between pioneers in customer experience and conversion rate optimization. The blend of Qubit technology and expertise enables us to deliver customers' big ideas.”

Graham Cooke - CEO Qubit


Next level

Qubit collects a rich amount of data and that enables us see very granular segments. Such deep insights and detailed behavioural data enables us to tailor-make customer journeys. As a result of this deeply granular segmentation, Qubit's technology powers state of the art customer experience.

For customers it offers personalised navigation every step of the way: "By identifying user groups and being able to split them out has enabled us to personalise their whole journey all the way through from entry Conversion." Mark Bloxham, Managing Director, James Villas.

Real uplifts, real impacts
on the bottom line

Qubit's stats model focuses on reality. Claimed uplift is genuinely reflected in the bottom line of our client's profit and loss. Such exact indication of uplift ensures clients get an accurate picture of financial impacts they can expect - and they can make better business decisions based on ROI.

Richard Wilson, Head of Digital Burton appreciates the honesty: "The great thing about Qubit's platform is when they tell us we get a 10% uplift we can see it in the bottom line." Richard Wilson, Head of Digital Burton.

Data-driven testing
actionable insights

Qubit's digital analytics platform allows easy cross-analysis and identification of segments which are not converting. The scrutiny of this approach enables direct actioning of the problem segments in Qubit's A/B testing and personalisation tool.

Shakella Bijapur, Ecommerce manager at Moneycorp, uses Qubit's digital analytics to close the distance between Moneycorp and its customers: "The insights that Qubit can give us into customers' visitor history and the ability to action an engagement in real time has opened up a clear route to a strong return on investment."