The 9 Experimentation Principles

The 9 Experimentation Principles

As a CRO agency, we’ve seen first hand the immense value that Experimentation brings to those who wield it. Not only have we ourselves used Experimentation to improve our clients’ websites and businesses, but we’ve also used it to support our own growth as an agency too.

Sadly, a whole range of misconceptions, misinterpretations and malpractices still persist around the subject of Experimentation. We wanted to do something to fix that.

Inspired by the simple elegance of the UK government’s design principles, we set ourselves the task of defining a core set of experimentation principles.

Our goal was to create a set of principles that would enable anyone to establish experimentation as a problem solving framework for tackling any and all problems their organization faces.

Many hours of discussion, debate and refinement later, we’re happy to be able to share the end product – the 9 Principles of Experimentation.

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