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Creating a culture of experimentation that celebrates failure and drives performance: An evening with Conversion & Kameleoon

By Josh D'arcy / No Comments

Brands increasingly understand the importance of experimentation to constantly improve and optimise their digital performance. However, creating this culture of experimentation, where failure is seen as something to learn from can be difficult. How brands can build this culture and drive improved performance, was the focus of our recent joint event with Kameleoon at Sea […]

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How to Build Meaningful User Segments

By Jake Lambert / No Comments

Understanding your customers is critical to a successful optimisation strategy. Knowing what motivates some users to purchase, and what prevents others from checking out, is a fundamental requirement to strategic experimentation. But not all customers are the same, some are impulsive and others are considerate! This blog sets out to help you find the different […]

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SCORE: A dynamic prioritisation framework for AB tests from Conversion.com

By Stephen Pavlovich / No Comments

Why prioritise? With experimentation and conversion optimisation, there is never a shortage of ideas to test. In other industries, specialist knowledge is often a prerequisite. It’s hard to have an opinion on electrical engineering or pharmaceutical research without prior knowledge. But with experimentation everyone can have an opinion: marketing, product, engineering, customer service – even our […]

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How to build an experimentation, CRO or AB testing framework

By Kyle Hearnshaw / 2 Comments

Everyone approaches experimentation differently. But there’s one thing companies that are successful at experimentation all have in common: a strategic framework that drives experimentation. In the last ten years we’ve worked with start-ups through to global brands like Facebook, the Guardian and Domino’s Pizza, and the biggest factor we’ve seen impact success is having this […]

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Introducing The 9 Experimentation Principles

Introducing: The 9 experimentation principles

By Kyle Hearnshaw / 3 Comments

At Conversion.com, our team and our clients know first-hand the impact experimentation can have. But we also see all too often the simple mistakes, misconceptions and misinterpretations organisations make that limit the impact, effectiveness and adoption of experimentation. We wanted to put that right. But we didn’t just want to make another best-practice guide to […]

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Conversion.com hosts… ‘Experimentation Maturity: What advanced testing teams do differently’

By Anna Tiplady / No Comments

We are very excited about the release of our Ecommerce Performance Report for 2018 in partnership with Econsultancy. The report covers various concepts in-depth ranging from the growth of the ecommerce market to the future of experimentation however, one thing got us talking at HQ – experimentation maturity. Out of the 400 ecommerce professionals surveyed, […]

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Who, When and Where, but what about the Why? Understanding the value of Qualitative Insights: Competitor Analysis

By Miles Baker / No Comments

Numbers, rates and statistics are great for finding out what’s happening on your site and where opportunities for testing lie, but quantitative insights can only take us so far. This series covers the importance of the qualitative insights we run for our clients at Conversion.com.  Last time, we looked at the value of on-site surveys […]

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Talking Shop

By Kyle Hearnshaw / No Comments

As published in ERT Magazine (www.ertonline.co.uk) – October 2017 issue  Alexa and her friends may be delighting users in the home with how they can make life easier, but some companies are taking the first bold steps into voice controlled e-commerce… The smart-home revolution is in full swing. The success of the Amazon Echo and […]

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Personalisation, what’s the hold up?

By Kyle Hearnshaw / No Comments

The ‘year of personalisation’ has been on the cards for a while now.  A quick Google search, and you’ll find plenty of articles touting 201X as the year that personalisation will take off. Midway through 2017, we’re still waiting for it to really take hold. So, what’s holding personalisation back from becoming the norm? Why […]

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Who, When and Where, but what about the Why? Understanding the value of Qualitative Insights: On-site Surveys

By Sadie Neve / 1 Comment

Within our data-driven industry, many gravitate towards heavily relying on quantitative data to guide and inform experimentation. With Google Analytics and the metrics it measures (e.g. conversion rate, bounce rate and exit rates) often dominating our focus, it means many undervalue or forget about the other insights we can run. Numbers, rates and statistics are […]

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From quick wins to cultural shifts – understanding the experimentation maturity model

By Kyle Hearnshaw / No Comments

There are many ways you could attempt to measure conversion optimisation and experimentation maturity. At Conversion.com we work with businesses and teams at all levels of conversion maturity – from businesses just starting out with conversion optimisation that have never launched a test, to businesses with growth and optimisation teams of hundreds of people. From […]

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The Optimizely Customer Workshop: How do the UK’s biggest brands approach experimentation?

By Sadie Neve / No Comments

The Optimizely Customer Workshop, hosted by Phil Nayna (Enterprise Account Executive at Optimizely) and Stephen Pavlovich (Founder/CEO of Conversion.com), brought together representatives from some of the UK’s biggest brands to share their thoughts and insights on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). The workshop took shape in the form of a roundtable where talk topics included: “Building […]

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Introducing our hypothesis framework

By Stephen Pavlovich / 4 Comments

Download printable versions of our hypothesis framework here. Experiments are the building blocks of optimisation programmes. Each experiment will at minimum teach us more about the audience – what makes them more or less likely to convert – and will often drive a significant uplift on key metrics. At the heart of each experiment is the […]

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Managed service sucks

Managed Service Sucks

By Stephen Pavlovich / 2 Comments

Software and Services Don’t Mix Why you shouldn’t buy services from your testing platform. Split-testing software vendors have traditionally relied on their managed service to win and retain clients. From Maxymiser to Adobe, Monetate to Qubit, the managed service has been essential to their growth. Even today, most companies cite a lack of resource as […]

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CRO is like poker

By Kyle Hearnshaw / No Comments

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and poker have a lot of similarities, and it’s more than just the opportunity to either make or lose a lot of money.   Anyone can play Anyone can take a seat at a poker table and play a few hands. The game is relatively easy to pick up and there […]

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We don’t hire developers. We hire hackers. And here’s why.

By Stavros Ferkadis / No Comments

When building experiments through any testing platform, our developers have to think differently to most front end developers, and sometimes, they need to get creative. Like us, there are other companies which don’t have access to the clients’ source code, but have to ensure that their code snippets aren’t going to break anything. Products like Optimizely, Qubit […]

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5 questions you should be asking your customers

By Rob Aherne / 1 Comment

On-site survey tools provide an easy way to gather targeted, contextual feedback from your customers. Analysis of user feedback is an essential part of understanding motivations and barriers in the decision making processes. It can be difficult to know when and how to ask the right questions in order to get the best feedback without […]

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