The Levers™ Framework

The Levers™ Framework

Every single competitive advantage we have as an agency can be traced back to our Levers™ Framework. High Impact Iteration, Mixed Methods Research, Meta-analysis of Experiment Results, Machine Learning Assisted Prioritization – without the Levers Framework, none of this would be possible. 

In this white paper, for the first time ever, we share a comprehensive presentation of the entire framework, giving you everything you need to start applying it to your own work and seeing the enormous benefits that it offers.

In the white paper, we cover:

  • How the framework has supercharged our experimentation programs with brands like Meta, Microsoft, and Dominos – and how it can do the same for yours
  • How we’re using the framework to harness our past experiment data for advanced techniques like meta analysis and machine learning assisted prioritization
  • How the framework was developed – and why we have so much confidence in it
  • A complete and comprehensive presentation of the entire Levers Framework, including in-depth explanations and examples of every single Master Lever, Lever, and Sub Lever within the framework
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