Creating an effective personalisation strategy

Creating an effective personalisation strategy

Businesses have been citing personalisation as a strategic priority for a decade now. Unfortunately, despite this well-intentioned enthusiasm, very few of them have yet worked out how to do personalisation well.

In this whitepaper, we share a process that we ourselves have developed and used to build out data-driven personalisation strategies.
To outline our approach in a few sentences: as a conversion rate optimisation agency, we treat personalisation as a means to maximizing conversions rather than an end in itself.

Put another way: if CRO is about discovering what’s stopping users from converting, and then fixing it; personalisation is about discovering what’s stopping individual users from converting, and fixing it for them.

This approach allows us to focus on driving impact through personalisation, without getting bogged down in the limitless possibilities that personalisation presents.

Within the whitepaper, we cover:

  • The different opportunities personalisation presents
  • The pitfalls of personalisation
  • How to create a data-driven personalisation strategy
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