Ep: 5 // John Gonsalves, TaylorMade Golf // Direct to Consumer & Digital

Ep: 5 // John Gonsalves, TaylorMade Golf // Direct to Consumer & Digital

Air date: November 24, 2020

Hear insights from John Gonsalves of TaylorMade about channeling your personal passion into your intrapreneurship career, overcoming organizational resistance to your ideas, managing channel conflict when transitioning from B2B to a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business, why focusing on the end customer always pays off, and more!

“innovation for us for a long time meant strictly kind of product and product performance, but we have, I think we have, we’ve endeavored to innovate outside of just kind of the product in the way that we do things, the way we bring things to market, our marketing, and as it relates to kind of what I’m focused on, our digital efforts.”

-John Gonsalves

Key insights

  • How do you overcome resistance in an organization? Find influential champions from other parts of the organization! Don’t keep it to your team. Look for folks that are engaged.
  • What about channel conflicts? The traditional channel still exists and there is a bit of a conflict still. Deliver the experience the customer wants and you will be successful. Each channel has its reason for existing. Play to the strengths of the channel.
  • Tips for the listener who wants to become the change agent in their organization: Build a network of support around you, identify a key handful of people within your organization to help you flesh out the goals you are trying to reach, and continue to look for the next thing to change. You are never done.

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