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How elite subscription brands like Netflix, Spotify, and HelloFresh are making UX a competitive advantage

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Ep: 8 // Tsega Dinka, Dollar Shave Club // Growing within a start-up

Ep: 8 // Tsega Dinka, Dollar Shave Club // Growing within a start-up

Air date: February 3, 2021

Tsega Dinka, Vice President of Digital Product at Dollar Shave Club, shares his insights on growing his career and learning within a fast-paced start-up. This episode of Insights for Growth is perfect for anyone working in a start-up, wanting to expand their expertise into other areas of business.

” …it really required us then to become more disciplined, more rigorous, and more scrappy, and having to develop a lot of those muscles later than most startups would have. Because of just the shifts in the ecosystem.”

-Tsega Dinka

Key Insights:

  • The importance of actively looking for ways to upgrade your knowledge and skills.
  • Being customer-forward is an essential mindset when growing a business.
  • Using experimentation to test and mitigate business risks.

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