Ecommerce Performance Report 2018

Disruption is on the rise. Industries are changing faster than ever, and the driving force behind this change is experimentation.

However, our research has revealed that many organisations still don’t rank experimentation as a high strategic priority.

For those that have embraced experimentation, very high returns have been reaped from their efforts.

To find out the causes of this apparent contradiction and discover the latest on the industry landscape, download our Ecommerce Performance Report 2018 now..

Personalisation Whitepaper

Creating an effective personalisation strategy

One of the biggest challenges facing marketers right now is how to make personalisation a reality.

By taking a pragmatic approach and following a simple 4-step process, you can create an effective personalisation strategy. In this whitepaper we share simple processes for setting goals, evaluating capabilities and identifying and prioritising audiences. These processes are the foundations required to create effective personalised experiences.

Personalisation Whitepaper Cover
To find out more about how to approach personalisation, and unlock it’s potential value, download our Personalisation Whitepaper 2018 now.