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Stephen is the CEO of He manages the agency’s strategy and growth, while regularly meddling in other people’s work.

SCORE: A dynamic prioritisation framework for AB tests from

By Stephen Pavlovich / No Comments

Why prioritise? With experimentation and conversion optimisation, there is never a shortage of ideas to test. In other industries, specialist knowledge is often a prerequisite. It’s hard to have an opinion on electrical engineering or pharmaceutical research without prior knowledge. But with experimentation everyone can have an opinion: marketing, product, engineering, customer service – even our […]

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Introducing our hypothesis framework

By Stephen Pavlovich / 4 Comments

Download printable versions of our hypothesis framework here. Experiments are the building blocks of optimisation programmes. Each experiment will at minimum teach us more about the audience – what makes them more or less likely to convert – and will often drive a significant uplift on key metrics. At the heart of each experiment is the […]

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Managed service sucks

Managed Service Sucks

By Stephen Pavlovich / 2 Comments

Software and Services Don’t Mix Why you shouldn’t buy services from your testing platform. Split-testing software vendors have traditionally relied on their managed service to win and retain clients. From Maxymiser to Adobe, Monetate to Qubit, the managed service has been essential to their growth. Even today, most companies cite a lack of resource as […]

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